Marbella, Spain May 24th – 27th 2018


Spaces are strictly limited to 20 extraordinary people








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Five Star Luxury Accommodation

World-Class Cuisine

Transformational Seminars and Workshops

Discover The Path To Exponential Abundance


“We’re alive at a point in history where there is more opportunity to thrive than ever before. Digital tools and access to universal connectivity provide us with everything we could need to build an exponential business, and a life of our wildest dreams.”

Yet too often we find ourselves stifled by procrastination, fear and overwhelm.

Overwhelm from too much information.
Overwhelm from social media noise.
Overwhelm from the death of traditional marketing.
Overwhelm from the scale of opportunity.

That’s why I created The Effortless Marketing Retreats, designed specifically to hone your mind, body and habits for the new world of universal connectivity and exponential growth from raving customers and subscribers.

“Join us for an inspiring, mind-changing, ultra-luxurious long-weekend on the Mediterranean, and discover the amazing life of abundance you deserve.”
Jonny Cooper | Founder: The Success Party

The Location

In 2018, we’re selecting a glorious boutique hotel in Marbella to host the Effortless Marketing Retreat and provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“The venues on our shortlist have all played host to countless international celebrities, including Michelle Obama on her recent visit to Spain.”

We will confirm our choice of location in the spring of 2018, and it will feature 5* restaurants, incredible spas and a level of luxury befitting a world-class resort.

Cuisine will be provided by award-winning chefs focusing on health, energy and nutrition.

The venue will provide everything we need to relax, focus and learn the secrets of exponential success.

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May 24th – 27th 2018 Marbella, Spain

Five Star Luxury Accommodation

World-Class Cuisine

Transformational Seminars and Workshops

Discover the Path To Exponential Abundance

The Programme

Played out over four days and three nights, The Effortless Marketing Retreat will rebalance your life and transform your business to create exponential success.

The Effortless Marketing Retreat Marbella
May 24 – 27 2018

Launchpad Thursday 24th May 2018

Arrivals From Travel: 10.00 to 17.00
Drinks Reception: 18.00
Dinner: Buffet from 19.00
Dress Code: However you roll
Bedtime: At your discretion!

Today you will all be arriving, from the UK, Europe and beyond. The agenda is flexible up until 6pm, when we will formally launch the Effortless Marketing Retreat with a gala buffet and drinks.

This is an evening of introductions, story-telling and bonhomie. We’ll be revealing snippets about the three days of power, fun and success ahead and you’ll start to bond with the team and your fellow Success Partyers.

Feelgood Friday 25th May 2018

Registration: 08.00
Start: 08.30
Lunch: 12.30 – 13.30
Finish: 17.30
Dinner: 20.00

The journey begins: utilising next-generation neuroscience from the States, Ellen Kay will be sharing groundbreaking insights, including four tools and two change models to literally ‘Change your mind and change your results’ forever.

Co-founder of the international company Fullemynd, Ellen draws on 25 years of helping thousands of people and businesses to become the best versions of themselves.

Strategy Saturday 26th May 2018

Breakfast: 07.30
Start: 08.30
Lunch: 12.30 – 14.30
Finish: 17.30
Dinner: 20.00

Digital entrepreneur and founder of a £10M venture Jonny Cooper will show you exactly how to implement the 5 Secrets of Extraordinary Success Through Effortless Marketing.

  1. Change your mind
    New thoughts > new actions > new results
  2. Define your niche
    Why you need a monomaniacal focus on doing one thing well
  3. Create amazing products
    Here’s how to wow your audience and become indispensable
  4. Build your tribe
    Learn the easy way to attract and keep an army of raving fans
  5. Automate everything possible
    Discover the key platforms that make a hands-off business

Success Sunday 27th May 2018

Breakfast: 08.00
Start: 09.00
Finish: 12.00
VIP retreat by invitation only

Sunday is where we recap what we’ve learned, and commit to embedding the thoughts, habits and actions that will create the best possible version of you, practically creating your extraordinary success forever.

From midday, you will be free to spend time at the venue indulging yourself in the spa or one of the pools.

With the Effortless Marketing Retreat formally over, you’re then free to join your travel arrangements and head back home.

After lunch, Jonny and Ellen have a bonus surprise for the new members of The Success Party Inner Circle, who will join them at an exclusive location in the hills above Marbella for their inaugural Inner Circle event.

7.5 things you’ll get from the Effortless Marketing Retreat

The chance to meet great and inspirational entrepreneurs like you

A spiritual and physical detox, removing old and limiting habits forever

Learning and embedding new, ultra-productive habits

The practical tools you need to build perpetual income

A sublime dining experience

A cossetting and luxurious stay

An invitation to join The Success Party Inner Circle

Escape the treadmill of endless marrketing: enjoy perpetual success from now!

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May 24th – 27th 2018 Marbella, Spain

Five Star Luxury Accommodation

World-Class Cuisine

Transformational Seminars and Workshops

Learn the Power of Recurring Revenue

Your Hosts

Creating an effortless marketing machine

Jonny Cooper is a lifetime entrepreneur, having launched over 20 businesses and been involved in hundreds more as a coach and mentor. He built a financial empire from zero to eight figures, before selling in 2003 to a stock-market listed corporation.

Now a full-time educator, Jonny created The Success Party in 2017, as an online membership platform for entrepreneurs wanting to transform their business in this age of exponential abundance. Jonny will show you how to create your own effortless marketing machine.

Change Your Mind – Create New Results

Ellen Kay has spent decades teaching corporations, business owners and individuals the importance of mind training. Co-founder of Mind Academy and renowned performance coach, Ellen is licenced by US Neuroscientist and New York Times bestselling author Dr Joe Dispenza to deliver his ground-breaking NeuroChangeSolutions™ programme in the UK and Europe.

Ellen will give you the tools you need to drive real and lasting change into your life, reducing stress and anxiety whilst improving health, wealth and happiness.

Build Your Funnel

Jon Allen is the founder of Future Marketing, and one of Europe’s leading sales funnel and automation experts. As a thought leader and influencer in the digital marketing world, Jon organises many events for exponential entrepreneurs, including the Entrepreneur Social Meetups in his native UK.

Jon will be showing you how to attract and nurture your ideal customers and turn them into raving subscribers.

Creating extraordinary results in 2018

We’ve been creating success for hundreds of entrepreneurs and corporations for decades. In that time we’ve educated, motivated and transformed business and lives across the globe.

Don’t take our word – here’s what other people are saying –

“Jonny is a fireworks display in the digital age… bright, loud and colourful! Positive, infectious and a great motivator. Every business needs to work with MR JONNY COOPER. He will get your business rocking.”

David Pariera

Director of International affairs at LightSpeed VT

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Things are simply more fun when you’re around Ellen.”

Andrea Ranyard

Learning & Development Director, Worldpay

“I had the pleasure to work with Jonny in an International business environment, focused on solutions and the big picture. I recommend Jonny full-heartedly for tactical solutions and a strategic outlook.”

Laszlo Horvath

President at ActiveMedia

“Jonny has proven entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen together with a positive, can-do attitude. A nice guy to know as well!”

Piers Brown

CEO, International Hospitality Media

“Ellen joined our project at the start and her communication skills enabled us to engage an eclectic spread of companies. Ellen practices what she preaches, seeking continuous improvement in herself and others.”

Dr Bryan Jackson CBE

Chairman, Sharing in Growth Ltd

“Jonny’s ability to identify and implement business strategies to benefit the bottom line is second to none.”

Anna Geary

Recruitment Director, Harper Finance

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May 24th – 27th 2018 Marbella, Spain

Five Star Luxury Accommodation

World-Class Cuisine

Transformational Seminars and Workshops

Start your journey to recurring revenue abundance