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S1 EP2 – Yayati Desai

This week on Jonny Hates Marketing you get an out-of-body experience as Jonny meets Indian mindfulness guru Yayati Desai, and learns how to chill his way to coaching riches without setting ever foot on the internet. Well, almost. 

Using the full gamut of modern technology – microphones, headphones and a very long cable, Jonny connects his voice in the UK to the ears of Yayati in Gujurat, who does the same back, in real-time and without delay. Amazing.

Listen in wonder as the lads discuss:

  • Why a ridiculous question can get a ridiculously big result
  • How to open the Aladdin’s Cave on your doorstep
  • When family ties proved a simple way to more clients
  • Why a local business still works in the age of globalisation
  • What a chilled-out person REALLY sounds like

BONUS: Free ten-minute LIVE meditation, with actual meditation music and stuff.

Jonny Hates Marketing, but he loves a live link to India.

Dumb and Dumber Marketing Ideas Featuring Scott Doucet

Jump in on the birth of a phenomenon!

Season 1 Episode 1 of the soon-to-be-legendary Jonny Hates Marketing Show features more hot tips than you can shake a stick at, more revelations than a Bible class in Kansas, and more insights than a weekend with Tony Robbins.

JHMS host and Effortless Marketing™ proponent Jonny Cooper hangs out with guest Scotty Doucet, Canadian entrepreneur and founder of Podcast Bay, currently the hottest real estate in the podcast world.

The lads discuss:

  • The dumbest marketing ideas they’ve seen this month
  • How Jonny busted two copycat online courses
  • Why snake-oil salesmen are hiding on the internet
  • When pregnancy scans and music promotions are incompatible
  • Why most online marketing sucks, anyway
  • Some smart stuff you should be doing, right now

Plus they laugh, quite a lot actually.

Jonny Hates Marketing and so will you, after this.

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